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VIDEO: MTV’s Touching Tribute to Michael Jackson

VMA promo pulls at the heartstrings with image of white gloves raining down over Manhattan.

MTV’s promos are known for being clever, comedic and sometimes even controversial. Sentimental, however, is not usually a word associated with the network’s ads. But that’s exactly how MTV’s newest promo for Sunday’s Video Music Awards plays.


It features hassled New Yorkers momentarily stunned when white gloves begin raining from the sky. Their shock soon turns to smiles as they realize they’re being pelted with Michael Jackson’s famous white gloves.


"A tribute like no other to a performer like no other," an announcer says, noting the planned performance by Janet Jackson at "exactly" 9 p.m. Sunday. It’s a beautiful 60-second spot that effectively, and tastefully, telegraphs MTV’s plan to honor Jackson.


Check it out below: