VIDEO: Murdoch Defends Glenn Beck, Disses Obama

News Corp. chief tackles wide range of topics in interview with Sky News.

Last Updated: November 10, 2009 @ 1:33 PM

Rupert Murdoch interviews are always fascinating. Make what you will of his politics or his level of overall evil-ness: There’s no denying the man is smart.

Below, Rupe spends nearly three-quarters of an hour chatting with Sky News’ David Speers — yup, he’s a Murdoch employee– about everything from Barack Obama to paywalls for online news sites.

Some are singling out Murdoch’s defense of Glenn Beck’s "Obama is a racist" as a sign that Murdoch agrees with that statement. But if you listen closely, Murdoch concedes that Beck may have gone a bit too far– but does argue that Obama has made racist statements. Murdoch also says the President is doing “badly.”

Later, Rupe also tackles the issue of who will take his place when he passes on. "I’m sure one of them will emerge," he said, referring to his offspring.

Grab a diet Coke and some microwave popcorn: It’s Midday with Murdoch!