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VIDEO: NBC’s Killer Spot For ‘Trauma’

The Peacock’s new medical drama might be a sleeper hit. Compelling promotion is one reason why.

 If NBC’s "Trauma" ends up one of the season’s surprise success stories, credit some very effective marketing from the Peacock marketing team.


The network’s print ads, which show action from the point of view of victims, are among the best we’ve seen this fall. And now, NBC is unleashing some new on-air spots that make "Trauma" seem like a new Jerry Bruckheimer blockbuster rather than a primetime series.


"Trauma" hasn’t gotten a lot of pre-season buzz. It’s not the kind of show critics and media types are likely to rally behind (ditto CBS’s "NCIS: LA," which promises to be one of the new season’s biggest hits).


But "Trauma" is the sort of straight-ahead, populist crowd-pleaser that could end up finding an audience — especially with the depature of "ER" and the continued aging of "Grey’s Anatomy" leaving many viewers looking for the next great medical drama.


Here’s one of the promos now in rotation on NBC: