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VIDEO: ‘NCIS’ Meets ‘Saturday Night Fever’

CBS uses a familiar face, tune to let viewers know about its ‘NCIS’ spin-off.

Sometimes in TV, the simplest messages are the most effective.  


That’s certainly the case in this promo for CBS’s upcoming "NCIS: Los Angeles," which brilliantly marries humor and brand association to give viewers the word that there’s a new "NCIS" team in town. Airing in theaters and on TV, the trailer starts with "NCIS" goth chick Abby Sciuto — or maybe it’s her real-life counterpart, Pauly Perrette– purposely strutting across a downtown Los Angeles sidewalk while a rock remake of the Bee Gees’ "Stayin’ Alive" plays in the background. 


We then see "NCIS: LA" stars LL Cool J and Chris O’Donnell also doing a John Travolta thing, all while following closely behind Perrette. 


If not properly executed, it could’ve come off as a creepy stalker thing. But instead, the music and humor provide a perfect punchline that lets viewers know when the new "NCIS" will be on. Check it out: