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VIDEO: Obama and Dave Talk Racism

First clip from tonight’s ‘Late Show’ features a frank talk about the role of racism in Obama criticism.

 CBS has released the first clip of President Obama’s appearance on tonight’s edition of "Late Show with David Letterman."


The network is also out with a web-only Top Ten list related to Obama. Now, from the home office in Washington, DC….


Top Ten Reasons President Obama Agreed to Appear on the "Late Show"

10. Heard the lady with the heart-shaped potato was going to be here.

9. Thought it would be fun to watch someone else get heckled.

8. Has something to do with that whole “Cash for Clunkers” thing.

7. Every President since Teddy Roosevelt has been here.

6. In this economy, someone offers $600, you take it.

5. We told him Megan Fox would be here.

4. Needed a place to hang out until check-in time at his hotel.

3. Honestly, I have no idea.

2. Said, “Yes” without thinking…like Bush did with Iraq.

1. Wanted to congratulate Dave on the big Emmy win.



 As for the video, watch as Dave and the Prez discuss whether racism is behind some of the harshest attacks on Obama and his administration. "Late Show" airs tonight at 11:35 p.m. on CBS.