VIDEO: The Secret Life of Tiger Woods

Which network is airing a salacious hour about the troubled golfer? Probably not the one you think

Pop quiz: Which network would you guess is behind a new gossip-filled special detailing "The Secret Life of Tiger Woods"?

E! would certainly makes sense. The folks on Wilshire Blvd. love their scandals.

Or perhaps it’s TV Guide network. They’re often like a little E!

Nope, sorry, you guessed wrong. Turns out the special featuring "the inside story of his reported affairs" with all-new details will air on… TLC, the network formerly known as The Learning Channel.

In fairness, "Secret Life," airing this Sunday, wasn’t made specifically for TLC. It’s actually a repurposed version of a special that already aired on "Dateline NBC," with all new bimbo eruptions.

Check out a preview below: