VIDEO: Sexy Paris Hilton Seduces Gas Customer

The heiress will try to pump up the ratings for CBS with an appearance on the second installment of “I Get That A Lot”

Sexy Paris Hilton is back on a reality show– and she’s doing all she can to pump up the ratings.

As previously reported, the former "Simple Life" star is one of several celebs who’ve taped appearances on the new edition of "I Get That a Lot." The "Candid Camera"-like series scored surprisingly strong ratings when it aired last April, and now CBS is bringing the special back.

"I Get That" features stars performing everyday jobs, like waitressing or cashiering, all to the bemusement of civilians who aren’t quite sure if the star is real or just a look-alike. The new special airs Jan. 6.

Hilton’s segment features the heiress pretending to be a gas station attendant. Check out this clip of Hilton flirting with a customer, who does his best to play it cool as the sexy star subtly seduces him: