VIDEO: We Got That B-Roll!

Viral video spoofs Hollywood’s never-ending need to fill time with scenes of everyday people doing non-extraordinary things

Last Updated: December 14, 2009 @ 5:24 PM

Anyone who’s worked in reality TV or TV news is likely to appreciate this comedy clip that’s just starting to go viral.

Dubbed "We Got That B-Roll," the video is an "SNL"-worthy spoof of direct response marketing that focuses on a very showbiz-centric problem: Finding decent background footage to use in news reports, commercials or as filler between scenes on unscripted shows.

Even if you don’t work in TV, you’ll get the joke. Be on the lookout for B-Roll classics such as "Depressed Woman Touching the Wall" and "Guy Trying to Get To Sleep." The frisky couple on the beach is also a hoot.