VIDEO: ‘Weekend Update’ Breaks Down Conan-Jay

Meyers: “This week you didn’t need Cinemax to watch someone screwed on TV.” Plus: NBC’s “Big Love” dilemma

 Seth Meyers is coming to the defense of "Saturday Night Live" alum Conan O’Brien, offering the best explanation yet of LateNightCrisis2010.

Best line: "This week, you didn’t need Cinemax to see someone get screwed on TV." Meyers also worried that if the late-night dominoes kept falling, O’Brien might somehow end up replacing him on "Update," and offered up a brilliant analogy about how NBC’s late-night crisis is basically like a guy wanting to have two wives. Quick, someone get Funny Or Die to whip up a "Big Love" parody starring Jeff Zucker.

Here’s the video, which oddly wasn’t on NBC’s official website when we looked last night: