Joy Behar Vs. Elisabeth Hasselbeck ‘View’ Departures: Whose Farewell Drew Bigger Audience?

Behar's last day on the job draws larger total viewership than Hasselbeck's, but Elisabeth triumphs in the demos

Apparently, people were more eager to bid Joy Behar adieu on "The View" than they were to say buh-bye to Elisabeth Hasselbeck.

In the battle of the "View" departures, Behar beat out Hasselbeck for most-watched status, drawing 3.544 million total viewers with her last day Aug. 9, compared to the 3.034 million that tuned in for Hasselbeck's last day on the job July 10.

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The good news for Hasselbeck? In the 18-49 demographic most sought by advertisers, she emerged triumphant, drawing 710,000 viewer in the demo compared to Behar's 671,000. Hasselbeck also outperformed Behar in the 25-54 demographic with 956,000, as opposed to 928,000 for Behar.

Women 25-54 also tuned in to see Hasselbeck's departure in greater numbers; 758,000 of them watched Elisabeth's last day, versus 703,000 for Behar.

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"The View" returns in the fall, with Jenny McCarthy in place of Behar. A replacement has not yet been chosen for Hasselbeck, who's moving on to Fox News Channel. Rotating guest hosts will be used to fill her seat when the show returns.