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‘The View': Meghan McCain Slams ‘Scum of the Earth’ Rioters in Emotional Rant: ‘You Are Not Patriots’ (Video)

”The View“ co-host was livid at those who ransacked the U.S. Capitol on Wednesday

Meghan McCain went on another impassioned rant on Thursday’s episode of “The View,” but this time her anger wasn’t directed at co-host Joy Behar.

The television personality and daughter of the late Arizona U.S. Senator John McCain had a bone to pick with rioters who stormed the Capitol on Wednesday in Washington, D.C. “These bastards are using the American flag as symbols as they are attacking our own republic — the same flag that our veterans at Iwo Jima held after World War II. You are not patriots. You do not represent America,” McCain fumed.

“You are scum of the earth who are using and abusing and bastardizing all that I love and have grown up with for your own sick agenda,” she said.

She also pointed the finger at President Donald Trump, whose “Make America Great Again” caps adorned the heads of many of the rioters who broke through police barriers to enter the Capitol building and storm the Senate chamber on Wednesday following a fiery speech by Trump calling on supporters to take action to overturn the election results.

“That agenda has been directly — directly — sent by President Trump, and then he didn’t disavow it, he didn’t send in the National Guard, and then he called them ‘special’ and said we loved them. Ivanka Trump called these people ‘patriots.’ I am a patriot. I come from a patriotic family. I come from a family of service, as does everyone on this show. You are hurting our country, you are becoming a national embarrassment, and we have to get [Trump] out immediately because this cannot stand,” she said.

She also called Trump a “mad king” and called on “all Republicans and conservatives who still have clout” to invoke the 25th Amendment, which allows the vice president to lead the cabinet and top legislators to remove the president from office.

Fending off moderator Whoopi Goldberg’s attempts to bring her rant to an end, McCain closed her argument with this appeal to Trump: “The final words I want to say on this show this morning — in the words of Oliver Cromwell, ‘For the love of God, go.’ Go. We cannot take this anymore.”

Watch the clip below.