Viewers Gush Over John Stamos, Rob Lowe on Fox’s ‘Grandfathered,’ ‘The Grinder’ Debuts

Stamos “looks better now then he did 20 years ago,” one Twitter user says, while another tweets “it doesn’t get better than @RobLowe as a lawyer”

Fox debuted to new potential comedy hits on Tuesday, as “Grandfathered” and “The Grinder” aired their series premieres.

The sitcoms both star ’80s heartthrobs — John Stamos and Rob Lowe respectively — and have already received critical acclaim and positive reviews.

Can you make an entire sitcom out of the fact that Stamos looks really, really good for a man in his 50s? As it turns out, yes, especially when “The Office” writer Daniel Chun pens such a witty script.

As for the 8:30 p.m. slot, Lowe and “Wonder Years” star Fred Savage are perfectly paired and even more affable together than they are separately.


Before heading to Netflix for “Fuller House,” Stamos plays Jimmy Martino, a successful Los Angeles restaurateur who’s always found at the center of a glamorous gaggle of models and tastemakers, claiming that he wishes he had a family with whom he could share his success.

It’s only when the adult son Martino didn’t know he had pops up at the restaurant with a toddler in tow that his bluff is called.

Along with marveling over Stamos’ ability to look better now than he did 20 years ago, Twitter users praised his partnering with Joshua Peck as Gerald, his twenty something child.

Even Stamos’ “Fuller House” co-star Candace Cameron Bure gushed over his latest comedy, saying she “loved it,” while other viewers gushed about the surprise appearance of fellow “Full House” alum Bob Saget.

“The Grinder”

Another actor who never ages is Lowe, who is as dashing as ever playing an actor playing a lawyer on a show within the show. With the fictional series at an end, he returns home to Boise, Idaho, with his actual lawyer brother, Stewart (Savage), and father (William DeVane) to launch a potential new law career.

Rob Lowe is the perfect combo of smarmy lawyer/actor. Hard to tell he’s acting,” one Twitter user wrote.

“While Doesn’t get better than @RobLowe as a lawyer,” wrote another.