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Village Voice Reaches Agreement With Employee Union, No Word On the Coffee

Employee union and newspaper management avoid a looming strike

The Village Voice resolved a contract dispute with disgruntled employees over health care cuts and “sh-t” coffee, the newspaper announced on Friday.

“We are very pleased to have reached an amicable and mutually beneficial agreement, which addresses the company’s business needs while strongly reinforcing our appreciation and commitment to our staff and their priorities,” according to a statement obtained by TheWrap on Friday.

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Voice staffers took to the streets in a lunchtime protest on Monday over inadequate pay, rising healthcare costs and “shit coffee.” The newspaper responded on Wednesday seeking a resolution, and noting “the hardest part may be getting this many New Yorkers to agree on what qualifies as a good cup of coffee.”

The details of concessions made to employees were not disclosed, but contract negotiations had broken down early this week over cuts to health care and other benefits.