Watch Vin Diesel Enthusiastically Sell ‘Street Sharks’ at a 1994 Toy Fair (Video)

Oh my goodness, when Hand Shark comes out

Last Updated: January 27, 2016 @ 7:42 AM

Seven years before “The Fast and the Furious,” Vin Diesel was already doing his Dominic Toretto thing — just hyping shark toys instead of boosting cars.

On Wednesday, for reasons only the Internet understands, footage of the actor pimping action figures at a 1994 toy fair began to trend. A young Diesel, complete with hair, a shark-tooth necklace and an earring, really got into selling “Street Shark” playthings.

First up was whale shark Boomer, who’s “got the biggest mouth of them all,” a shirtless, leather-vested Diesel hypes to the camera.

“Say hello to that round mound of pound and his power-slam,” Diesel added. “Very deadly. He loves to tenderize the competition before he eats them.”

Hammerhead Sledge came out next, doing his thing. Then it was great white Ripster’s (yes, we had to look up his name) turn — he’s the leader of the Street Sharks, as the guy who plays Riddick now informed us.

According to Diesel, look out for this finned fella’s right-hand roundhouse punch, which will “send the competition to a watery grave.”

And then, finally, the Hand Shark was revealed, in all its “fin-tastic” glory, launching Diesel into the stratosphere of excitement.

What we’re saying is, please watch the video above — you will not regret it.


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