Vin Scully Calls Jimmy Kimmel’s Home Run From Celebrity Softball Game (Video)

Retired Dodgers announcer makes one late-night host’s dreams come true

While the Los Angeles Dodgers were beating the Washington Nationals to win the NLDS, the longtime voice of the team was enjoying his retirement by doing the late-night rounds in Hollywood.

Jimmy Kimmel couldn’t resist asking recently retired Dodgers broadcaster Vin Scully for a small favor during his Thursday night appearance on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!”

Not everybody gets to hear the legendary announcer call a great moment in their baseball careers, so Kimmel took the opportunity to bring up that time he hit a home run during a celebrity softball game.

“All of baseball is still talking about it,” Scully quipped, before acquiescing to do some announcing over a clip of the event in question.

Ever the pro, Scully took over running the show, cuing up Kimmel’s at-bat with his signature oratory style of relating a depth of knowledge of the late night host’s childhood, background and personality.

Scully even gave the Kimmel home run a standing ovation, but the host himself and the audience were probably actually saluting the beloved announcer when they got to their feet.

Scully appeared on Kimmel’s show on a night when a marathon four and a half hour Game 5 in the National League Division Series sent the Dodgers victorious into the National League Champion Series, where they will face the Chicago Cubs.

The announcer ended his 67-year career with the Dodgers with the team’s final regular season game against the San Francisco Giants. The date was October 2, 2016 — 80 years to the day from the first time Scully fell in love with the sport of baseball.

Watch the video above.