Vince Vaughn, Dave Franco Take Raunchy ‘Unfinished Business’ to Europe in Red Band Trailer (Video)

Sienna Miller, James Marsden and Tom Wilkinson also star in the comedy previously titled “Business Trip”

Last Updated: November 27, 2014 @ 8:23 AM

When you’re in a Vince Vaughn movie, anything can be solved by drinking hard and partying harder.

The red band trailer for comedy “Unfinished Business” has been released, and features Vaughn’s aspiring entrepreneur on a trip to Germany to close the first major deal of his new company alongside his two employees, played by Dave Franco and Tom Wilkinson.

To complicate things, the big corporation Vaughn’s character used to work for, led by Sienna Miller and James Marsden, are in town to woo the potential clients too, and his own fledgling company will go bankrupt if they don’t land this deal.

The solution? Drinking, partying and all out debauchery, all in the name of business. “The first rule is show them a good time,” he says.

Ken Scott, who last collaborated with Vaughn on “The Delivery Man,” directed “Unfinished Business.” It will be released March 6, 2015.

Watch the trailer.