Vince Vaughn Reads Jimmy Fallon Like a Book in Box of Lies (Video)

Actor is a master of popular “Tonight Show” game

Vince Vaughn joined Jimmy Fallon for a game of Box of Lies on “The Tonight Show” Thursday, but really the game wasn’t even close.

Vaughn started the contest off by choosing the first box, which contained an Incredible Hulk figure in a bowl of crayons. He flat out told Fallon this, but Fallon was no match for Vaughn’s acting chops and guessed he was lying.

Fallon chose the next box, which contained a taco shell full of jelly beans. Fallon tried to play it off like there was something else in the box, but Vaughn was able to read his face instantly for the win.

Fallon fell to his knees under the weight of his defeat, but Vaughn pulled him up and raised his hand in a fine show of sportsmanship.

Watch the video.


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