Vine Stars Nash Grier, Christian Delgrosso Sword Fight Over Santa in New Christmas Skit (Video)

The guys come to blows, face a monster and receive a surprise guest on the holiday sketch

Vine stars Nash Grier and Christian Delgrosso released a new Christmas skit on Saturday in which they argue whether Santa is real.

In the skit, which was the No. 1 trend on Twitter Saturday morning, Delgrosso catches Grier excitedly baking Christmas cookies. But when asked what he’s making them for, Grier doesn’t want to reveal what he’s doing. But, his Vine friend surmises that they’re for Santa Claus. But, Santa isn’t real, right?

The two go back and forth on what they believe, but Grier has proof that his buddy still believes in Saint Nick via a letter Delgrosso wrote to the fabled gift-giver.

“That’s a typo,” Delgrosso insisted.

Grier countered, “What’s it supposed to say?” And after some thought, Delgrosso answers “Satan.”

As they argue about believing in Santa, Grier admitted that he plays with dolls. “Not action figures,” he said, “American Girl Dolls. I have bonnets up the ass. And I don’t believe in Santa. I got nothing to hide.”

Then, Delgrosso, still unwilling to admit he believes in Santa, confessed, “There’s a real monster that lives under my bed, a real one only I can see.”

The video finds the guys later resorting to a sword fight before being paid a surprise visit, well two surprise visits.

Watch the video.