Vivica A Fox to Star in 5 New ‘The Wrong’ Franchise Movies at LMN (Exclusive)

Plus: 8 more original films coming to Lifetime Movie Network in early 2021

Vivica A Fox The Wrong Valentine LMN

Lifetime Movie Network (LMN) has set 13 thrillers to debut in early 2021, including five new “The Wrong” franchise movies starring Vivica A. Fox, TheWrap has learned exclusively.

The new installments include “The Wrong Real Estate Agent,” “The Wrong Fiancé,” “The Wrong Mr. Right,” “The Wrong Prince Charming” and “The Wrong Valentine,” with the latter one marking the channel’s 25th “Wrong” movie, all of which have starred and been executive produced by Fox.

Below, see the full slate of new movies rolling out January-March on Friday nights on Lifetime’s sister network LMN. The lineup includes Fox’s five “Wrong” movies, as well as projects starring Eric Roberts, Tracy Nelson, Samaire Armstrong, Anna Marie Dobson, Michael Pare, Tom Sandoval, Jessica Morris, Jason Shane Scott and Michael Madsen.

Starring Vivica A. Fox, Andres Londono, Dorian Gregory, Alaya Lee Walton, Tom Sandoval, Gina Hiraizumi
Friday, January 1 at 8pm ET/PT

Julie (Vivica A. Fox, Empire) and her teenage daughter Maddie (Alaya Lee Walton, The Wrong Stepfather), rent a beautiful house on several acres of land from Charles (Andres Londono, Narcos: Mexico), a realtor they know well and who lives nearby. However, after they move in, strange noises and occurrences lead them to suspect someone else may be living on their property. Tom Sandoval from Vanderpump Rules also stars.

Starring Vivica A. Fox, Jessica Morris, Jason-Shane Scott, Michael Paré, Gina Hiraizumi
Friday, Jan. 8 at 8pm ET/PT

When Abby (Jessica Morris, “Party of Five”), a photographer, is sent out of town on a job assignment by her boss Charlotte (Vivica A. Fox), she thinks it is the perfect opportunity to get away from her nightmarish ex-fiancé, Richard (Jason Shane Scott, “The Wrong House Sitter”). But Abby quickly discovers it may be impossible to escape Richard all together.

Starring Vivica A. Fox, Krista Allen, Anna Marie Dobbins, Rib Hillis, Eric Roberts, Dominique Swain
Friday, Jan. 15 at 8pm ET/PT

Jessica (Anna Marie Dobbins, “The Pom Pom Murders”) moves back home after college and is surprised to find her mother Tracy’s (Krista Allen, “The Wrong Stepfather”) new boyfriend Paul (Rib Hillis, “The Wrong Cheerleader Coach”), is moving in as well. While working at a restaurant owned by her mother’s best friend Sandra (Vivica A. Fox), Jessica observes Paul fighting with another woman and enlists the help of Sandra and Hal (Eric Roberts, “Stalked By My Doctor”) who suspect something very strange. When Jessica discovers Paul is not who he seems, she sets out to prove he is the wrong Mr. Right.

Starring Vivica A. Fox, Cristine Prosperi, James Nitti, Tracy Nelson
Friday, Jan. 22 at 8pm ET/PT

Successful entrepreneur Bridget (Vivica A. Fox) has just scored a meeting with the famed Prince of Devonshire (James Nitti) about a possible multimillion investment in one of her properties. She and her young lawyer Anna (Cristine Prosperi, “The Wrong Cheerleader”), feel like they are living in a fantasy with the handsome prince who seems like the perfect partner for Bridget, and the right guy for Anna until they discover he’s not what he seems.

DEADLY THERAPY (working title)
Starring Kate Watson, Meredith Thomas, Steve Richard Harris, Eric Roberts, Gigi Gustin
Friday, Feb. 5 at 8pm ET/PT

When Beth (Kate Watson, “Killer Competition”) suffers a traumatic attack, her family and friends suggest she see a therapist to help her cope. However, her new therapist gives her more than she bargained for.

Starring Vivica A. Fox, Mariah Robinson
Thursday, Feb. 11 at 8pm ET/PT

After her father’s passing, Emily (Mariah Robinson, “Cheer Camp Killer”) tries to put herself out there. A bright student, Emily doesn’t have the easiest time making friends. With the help of Ms. Connelly (Vivica A. Fox) her senior year is in full swing, but she has yet to find a guy, let alone a Valentine of her very own. As luck would have it, the new boy at school has his eye on Emily and delivers her the annual school gift of a candy cupid. Could he be the one or does he have some ulterior motives as well?

Starring Camille Stopps, Anthony Grant
Friday, Feb. 12 at 8pm ET/PT

It’s the day before Valentine’s, a time for all the single girls to celebrate being single. Though her career is on the upswing and she’s landed her dream job, Claire (Camille Stopps, “Alive”) can’t say the same for her personal life and decides a night on the town with her girlfriends is what she needs. When she meets Brian (Anthony Grant, “Star Trek: Discovery”) she thinks she may have found the one, but soon realizes that Brian is actually married to her boss. Now in a terrible predicament, Claire’s nightmare is only beginning when her boss is murdered and she becomes the prime suspect.

Starring Brooke Butler, Teressa Liane, Ryan Cooper, Deena Dill
Friday, Feb. 19 at 8pm ET/PT

When up-and-coming musician Ariana Kent (Brooke Butler, “Killer Dream Home”), gets the opportunity to perform a duet with Josh Halliday (Ryan Cooper, “Confess”) at his concert, she thinks her dreams of romance with the rock superstar are finally going to come true. That is, until he lays eyes on her best friend, Kaylee (Teressa Liane, “The Vampire Diaries”), sitting in the front row. After repeated attempts to seduce Josh fail, Ariana pretends to support Josh and Kaylee’s romance. But as her obsession with Josh continues to grow, Ariana’s true intentions come to light as she believes there is only room for one girl in the front row.

Starring Zoila Garcia, Kevin A. Walton, Amanda Tavarez, Karlee Eldridge
Friday, Feb. 26 at 8pm ET/PT

After becoming engaged to Michael (Kevin A. Walton, “Sistas”), a handsome and successful businessman, Jessica (Zoila Garcia, “Shiny New Things”) selects her five best girlfriends to be her bridesmaids. However, when the group gets together, they find themselves letting old wounds and jealousy get in the way of bonding as they all compete over Jessica’s friendship. When mysterious accidents and illnesses start to inflict the group, Jessica fears one of her bridesmaids may not have her best interest at heart.

Starring Leann Van Mol, Meredith Thomas, Kerry Fager
Friday, March 5 at 8pm ET/PT

After losing the use of his legs in a car crash, Tony (Kerry Fager, “Christmas Coupon”) is helped to walk again by Daphne (Leann Van Mol, “Smuggling in Suburbia”), his physical therapist. But Daphne’s loving care soon morphs into a sick attempt to possess Tony forever.

AN ORGANIZED KILLER (working title)
Starring Allison McAtee, Samantha Cope, Andrew Spach, Aubrey Stevens
Friday, March 12 at 8pm ET/PT

Recently divorced, Grace (Allison McAtee, “The Wrong House”) is struggling to manage her new home and restaurant venture, plus raise her teenage daughter Charlie (Aubrey Stevens, “All Good Things”), while also navigating a new romance with her much-younger employee Alex (Andrew Spach). Feeling increasingly overwhelmed, Grace agrees to let Lilith (Samantha Cope, “Insecure”) move into her guest house so she can get extra help organizing the house and restaurant. But as things start to unravel in both Grace’s personal and professional life, she begins to question if Lilith is there to help or hurt her.

Starring Michael Madsen, Paige McGarvin, Juliana Destefano, Jack Pearson
Thursday, March 18 at 8pm ET/PT

Having kayaked off shore for a deserted island photo shoot, Sarah (Paige McGarvin, “The Family Business”) and friend Meghan (Juliana Destefano, “Smuggling in Suburbia”) become the target of an aggressive great white shark. Now the women must fend off the deadly predator until Sarah’s father James (Michael Madsen, “The Wrong Neighbor”) can guide emergency services to their rescue.

Starring Samaire Armstrong, Corin Nemec, Alexandria DeBerry, Matt Cedeno, David Meza, Jonathan Bouvier
Friday, March 19 at 8pm ET/PT

The sequel to 2019’s Deadly Excursion, mother-daughter duo Samantha (Samaire Armstrong, He’s Out To Get You) and Ellie (Alexandria DeBerry, The Secret Lives of Cheerleaders), embark on another family vacation in Florida cautiously believing their kidnapping saga is behind them. Unbeknownst to them, the men behind their original kidnapping have been keeping tabs on them and are ready to complete the job that was previously foiled.

You can watch a promo for some of the movies below.


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