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Vogue Edits Out Gigi Hadid’s Message ‘Hands Off Palestine’ in Story About Model’s Ukrainian Relief Donation

Hadid wrote, ”Hands off Ukraine. Hands off Palestine. Peace. Peace. Peace,“ in her Instagram post

Vogue is being called out online after deleting references to Palestine in an article about supermodel Gigi Hadid’s announcement that she is donating her earnings from Fashion Month to both war-torn countries.

Gigi and her sister Bella are the daughters of real estate developer Mohamed Hadid, and have spoken out frequently about their support of a free Palestine.

In an Instagram post on Sunday, Gigi stated: “I am pledging to donate my earnings from the Fall 2022 shows to aid those suffering from the war in Ukraine, as well as continuing to support those experiencing the same in Palestine,” she concluded her post with the message, “HANDS OFF UKRAINE. HANDS OFF PALESTINE. PEACE. PEACE. PEACE.”

Gawker reported Wednesday that Vogue editors chose to drop the second mention of Palestine from both their article and their Instagram post about it. Hadid’s original quotes about donating to Palestine are still in the article, but her message “Hands off Palestine” has since been deleted. The original version of the Vogue article was preserved here by the Internet Archive.

According to Gawker, the magazine originally captioned its Instagram post about the article, “Today, @Gigihadid announced that she will be donating all of her fashion month earnings towards relief efforts in Ukraine, ‘as well as continuing to support those experiencing the same in Palestine.'” The caption was later edited to remove Hadid’s reference to Palestine, according to Gawker, which reports the post received many angry comments.

The post also received numerous comments after it was edited, including one from Instagram user maryamlrb that read, “We see the conspicuous deletion of Palestine from this post, and you’ve now created an even bigger s—storm for yourselves. Get a better social media team. I have referrals.”

The magazine does not allow comments on its site, but the Instagram comments clearly had an effect.

On Wednesday, Vogue told TheWrap that the Instagram caption has now been updated with the message: “Editor’s Note: We have updated this caption to accurately reflect Gigi Hadid’s statement on her donation.”

Vogue’s caption now reads, “@GigiHadid announces that she will be donating her fashion month earnings towards relief efforts in Ukraine as well as continuing to support relief efforts in Palestine.”

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