‘The Voice’ Finale: Javier Colon and Stevie Nicks Sing ‘Landslide’ (Video)

The Fleetwood Mac legend provided the NBC competition’s first-season highlight

Javier Colon didn't win the first season of "The Voice" by much — a hair perhaps, or maybe a nose.

Host Carson Daly explained Wednesday night before revealing the champion that the lanky singer had only narrowly edged out first runner-up Dia Frampton by just two percent of the total vote.

Regardless of the miniscule margin of victory, Colon also won by a "Landslide" — with his stellar performance on the 1975 Fleetwood Mac song in a duet with icon Stevie Nicks.

The involvement of a legend like Nicks may hint at the direction NBC will go in next season — and we'd love to see the show bring in more superstar guest musicians.

As the singing-competition template "American Idol" has demonstrated over the years — most notably by involving Lady Gaga and U2 in 2011 — big-name artists not only help attract and entertain viewers, they also lend an air of importance to the proceedings.

But "The Voice" is already ahead of where "American Idol" was when it began. The Fox show didn't begin using guest performers until its second season.