‘The Voice’ Top 8 Results: Did America Use Its Instant Save on the Right Person? (Video)

Three performers were up for elimination on the NBC competition and the viewers made a potentially controversial pick

Last Updated: July 10, 2014 @ 7:59 PM

When it comes down to this point in the competition on NBC’s “The Voice,” anything can happen. Eight contenders became six as we go into the Thanksgiving weekend.

The results of Tuesday’s elimination may be have some people calling foul. I, for one, think America was definitely giving credit to past performances and not the ones that went down on Monday’s show.

(Spoiler Alert: Don’t read on if you don’t want to know the Top 8 results)

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Ellie Goulding opened the night with a performance of her single, “Burn.” In contrast to her very soft voice, finalists James Wolpert, Will Champlain and Matthew Schuler joined her on-stage. By the way, doesn’t her voice give you hope that there’s a place in music for Caroline Pennell?

Later in the show, coach Cee Lo Green reunited with Goodie Mob member Big Gipp for their new single, “Amy.” It was a fun, upbeat song that felt a bit like a throwback to 90s pop-soul. It was definitely a Cee Lo performance, surrounded by women in puppet costumes and one dancer in the air. Watch his performance below.

Meanwhile, host Carson Daly was rattling off the five performers who scored enough votes to move on to next week. Intermittently, he’d ask the contenders questions. Did anyone else feel like that was reminiscent of a beauty pageant?

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Anyway, let’s get to what you all really care about. The five contenders who are going straight through to next week are Will Chaplin (Team Adam Levine), Cole Vosbury (Team Blake Shelton), Jacquie Lee (Team Christina Aguilera), Tessanne Chin (Team Adam) and James Wolpert (Team Adam).

That left Team Blake’s southern soul singer Ray Boudreaux, Team Christina’s alterna-soul singer Matthew Schuler and Team Cee Lo’s indie-pop singer Pennell.

The Instant Save then went into play. While I waited to hear the results, I couldn’t help but think that it had to be between Boudreaux and Schuler. Schuler feels like the favorite going into this week, but his performance was way over the top with dancers and choreography. And his voice suffered.

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Meanwhile, Boudreaux gave a very strong vocal and showed that he could really command a stage, looking sharp at the same time.

If it was up to this week, Boudreaux deserved to go forward. But, it was up to you out there and I think you decided that Schuler should have another week based on the strength of his performances before this week.

Pennell barely made it in last week by getting the Instant Save, but Green did her no favors by having her sing a song from Florence and the Machine that again highlighted her vocal limitations. That also means Green is out of the game, as well. He’ll have to wait another season as Usher will be back in his place next season.

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So, Schuler will move on and he’ll probably deliver a very strong performance next week and prove all his fans right for saving him.

Should Matthew still be in the competition?

“The Voice” Top 6 performances airs Monday at 8/7c on NBC.