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‘Walking Dead’ EP Greg Nicotero Teases Season 7 World Building

”The exciting thing about season 7 is we’re really opening it up,“ Nicotero says

(Spoiler alert: Do not keep reading if you are not caught up on “The Walking Dead”)

“The Walking Dead” is going to be getting a whole lot bigger in Season 7.

Executive producer Greg Nicotero said in a recent interview that the members of Alexandria, Hilltop and The Saviors will soon be joined by other communities.

“The exciting thing about Season 7 is we’re really opening it up,” Nicotero told Entertainment Weekly. “We started in Season 6 by getting a sense that the world was a much larger place. We were laying the seeds for the fact that there is a very big world out there. So, in Season 7, we really get a chance to explore those worlds in much greater detail.”

Chances are, that new world will include the two armored men that Morgan and Carol ran into in the Season 6 finale. Fans of the comics will recognize them as members of The Kingdom, a group of survivors based out of a Washington, D.C., high school that is run by King Ezekiel.

And since Morgan and Carol are headed to The Kingdom, they are safe from any speculation surrounding who Negan killed in the finale.

The story had built for weeks toward the arrival of Negan, the new main villain played by Jeffrey Dean Morgan. From the comics, fans know Negan killed a member of Rick’s group upon his arrival. The problem? The show did not reveal who died.

It’s clear Negan killed someone, but clever editing prevented the audience from seeing the victim, leaving viewers on the hook to tune in for the start of Season 7.

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