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‘Walking Dead’ Fan Theory Suggests Walter White Caused Zombie Apocalypse (Video)

Could Gus Fring be patient zero for the undead outbreak?

Could “The Walking Dead” be a direct result of the top quality meth cooked by “Breaking Bad” antihero Walter White?

A fan theory has been floating around for a while suggesting connections between the two AMC shows, but a new video courtesy of Netflix ties everything together like never before.

The theory breaks down like this: Walter White — a.k.a. Heisenberg — accidentally kicked off the zombie apocalypse thanks to his famous blue meth. Anyone who smoked enough of it would eventually turn into a zombie.

It’s a stretch, to be sure, but it does connect two of the best TV shows of our time, so let’s play it out. There are a few Easter eggs hidden within the shows.

Most notably, in the first season of “The Walking Dead,” Daryl reveals his brother Merle’s drug stash to the group, which happens to include a bag of blue meth. Later in the series, Daryl tells a story about his brother’s former drug dealer, a “janky little white guy” fond of calling people “bitch.” Sounds a lot like Jesse Pinkman, no?

The other connections are more tenuous. In Season 4 of “Breaking Bad,” Walt buys his son a red Dodge Challenger with black stripes. When his wife makes him return it, he has to deal with a car lot manager named Glenn. In Season 1 of “Walking Dead,” we see Glenn bombing through Atlanta in an identical car.

Finally, we come to Gus Fring. This one is the biggest stretch. This part of the theory suggests that Gus Fring secretly ingested some of the blue meth, and that when Walt killed him with a bomb in Season 4, Gus reanimated as the first zombie.

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