‘Walking Dead’ Gives Taylor Swift’s New Album Cover the Negan Treatment

Robert Kirkman’s Skybound Entertainment goes a little batty over “Shake it Off” singer’s latest offering

Looks like “The Walking Dead” is going just as batty over Taylor Swift’s upcoming album as everyone else is.

The official “Walking Dead” account from “Dead” co-creator Robert Kirkman’s Skybound Entertainment had a little fun on Wednesday, after “Shake it Off” singer Swift unveiled the album cover and release date for her upcoming album “Reputation.”

Skybound offered a reworked version of the cover, featuring bat-wielding “Walking Dead” baddie Negan in place of Swift.

“Taylor Swift isn’t the only one with a famous #Repuation…,” the series’ tweet noted.

Swift sent fans into an anticipatory frenzy on Friday when her social-media accounts went blank, sparking speculation that the singer was about to release new music.

After teasing fans earlier in the week with weird videos of a snake on her social-media accounts, Swift dropped the news that her new album “Reputation” will be released November 10, with a single dropping Thursday night. See the actual “Reputation” artwork below.