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‘Walking Dead’ + ‘Growing Pains’ = An Uplifting Monster Mash-Up

For those who thought the ’80s Alan Thicke sitcom was pretty brainless to begin with, watch out — it just got more so

What do you get when you combine the opening sequence of AMC's zombie hit "The Walking Dead" with the uber-cheery music and credits of '80s sitcom staple "Growing Pains"?

A toe-tapping montage that warms the heart — even as it chills the spine.

Some internet smart-aleck has created a video mash-up utilizing "Walking Dead"'s undead-killin' opening with the theme song and credits graphics from the Alan Thicke series, demonstrating the hilarity that ensues when fluffy 80s pop culture and contemporary grittiness collide. Enjoy — and just try not to sing along.