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‘Walking Dead': Maggie Begins Down Path for Vengeance Against Negan

Lauren Cohan’s character steps up into a major leadership role in AMC series

(Spoiler Alert: Do not keep reading if you have not seen this week’s episode of “The Walking Dead”)

“The Walking Dead” finally revealed what happened to Maggie (Lauren Cohan) after the bloody events of the Season 7 premiere in this week’s episode.

Maggie has long been a strong female presence on the AMC series, but this week she stepped up into a new role that will make her a major player in the inevitable war to come.

As the episode begins, Maggie wakes up at Hilltop Colony, where she was treated for the illness that nearly killed her. Her and Glenn’s baby is still alive, but Maggie is advised to stay off her feet and to stay at Hilltop in order to have immediate access to a doctor should more complications arise.

Sasha (Sonequa Martin-Green) has been waiting for Maggie to regain consciousness and shows her where she has buried Abraham and Glenn. But their time to mourn is short-lived, as Gregory (Xander Berkeley) tells them they must leave immediately.

Jesus (Tom Payne) tries to plead their case, but Gregory is not hearing it. Sasha and Maggie discuss what their options are, with Sasha volunteering to leave and scavenge for Hilltop in return for Maggie getting to stay. Maggie refuses the offer and recommends they sleep on it.

Back at Alexandria, Carl (Chandler Riggs) and Enid (Katelyn Nacon) strike out on the road for Hilltop on their own. The two also get to share a rare moment of joy when Carl discovers two pairs of roller skates in a discared backpack. It is easy to forget these two are just teenagers, who have been robbed of the simple pleasures of childhood.

That night, everyone at Hilltop is awakened by music blasting from a car. The gates of the colony have been busted open and several large fires have been set, drawing walkers inside the walls. Maggie plans to intervene, but Sasha stops her out of concern for her health.

Sasha and Jesus try to shut the music off, but the doors have been welded shut and windows covered with steel cages. They dispatch as many walkers as they can in the meantime. Suddenly, Maggie appears out of nowhere behind the wheel of Hilltop’s tractor. She drives it over the car, shutting down the music.

The next day, Gregory thanks Sasha and Maggie for their help, but still demands they leave. Then, Simon (Steven Ogg) and a large contingent of Saviors arrive. Gregory orders Jesus to hide the two women in a closet to avoid detection.

Simon tells Gregory it was The Saviors who smashed the gates and arranged the car, as a message to demonstrate what The Saviors are capable of doing. Gregory cowers before Simon and tries to turn over Maggie and Sasha.

But Jesus cleverly moved them to a different room, fearing Gregory’s treachery. All Simon finds in the closet is Gregory’s stash of scotch, which he confiscates to give to Negan.

Gregory is furious, but Maggie is tired of his nonsense and socks him in the face. After he has repeatedly called her by the wrong name during the episode, she tells him he will from now on call her by her real name, Maggie Rhee, in honor of her late husband, Glenn.

Enid enters Hilltop and cooks dinner with Sasha and Maggie, not revealing to them that she and Carl have made a plan to kill Negan.

The episode ends with Jesus hiding in the back of a Savior truck, intending to track them to their main compound. He is surprised to find Carl in the same truck, who seems to have the same plan.