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‘Walking Dead’ Midseason Finale Post-Credit Scene Features Fan-Favorite Character Closing In (Video)

Lennie James’ popular Morgan Jones is still on the trail of Andrew Lincoln’s Rick Grimes and his band of survivors

Despite only a few appearances, Lennie James remains one of the most enduring and popular guest stars on AMC’s “The Walking Dead.” Fans were elated when he made a surprise appearance after the credits in the Season 5 premiere. And after the credits of the Season 5 finale, he returned yet again.

Just like his first appearance, AMC probably expected that a lot of people stopped watching before the credits finished rolling. So once again, they put James’ short clip online shortly after the episode aired, so fans could scramble to their computers to see what they missed.

Though it is unclear how much time has passed, James’ Morgan Jones appears to be closing the gap between himself and Andrew Linclon’s group of survivors. And if he didn’t know who he was trailing before, he certainly knows now after he finds Abraham’s (Michael Cudlitz) note to Rick Grimes (Lincoln).

Jones doesn’t speak in the short clip, though he does laugh at the absurdity of kneeling for prayer in the decimated church littered with zombie bodies left in the aftermath of the survivors’ hasty departure. Should they return there after that rescue mission, a reunion could happen sooner rather than later.

AMC followed this with a teaser for the second half of Season 5, coming in early February. While it didn’t tell us whether or not Morgan would meet up with the group, it did feature Danai Gurira’s Michonne making an impassioned speech about trying to find another sanctuary.

Having been burned a couple of times already by the barn and the prison, Rick may not believe such a thing exists anymore. With the rescue mission resolved and Washington, DC no longer a destination, the group is in need of some direction. It will be interesting to see which way the show takes them.

You can watch the end-credits scene here. The trailer for the second half of Season 5 is here.

“The Walking Dead” returns Sunday, Feb. 8 at 9 p.m. ET on AMC.