‘The Walking Dead': The Most Shocking Death Yet (Video)

And it's still not the most shocking death that will happen before season two ends

Last Updated: August 31, 2012 @ 2:29 PM

("The Walking Dead" spoiler warning: Don't read if you still plan to watch last night's episode, titled "Judge, Jury Executioner.")

It had been a rather slow-moving episode of "The Walking Dead" Sunday night, but the installment ended with one of the most shocking moments of the series: the gruesome death of voice-of-reason camper Dale (Jeffrey DeMunn).

The Walking Dead packs its most shocking death yetThroughout the episode, Dale had been at odds with most of his fellow zombie apocalypse survivors over his belief that hostage Randall shouldn't be executed.

While on patrol against walkers, Dale stumbled upon a cow that had clearly been zombie chow, and when he turned around, a walker was in his face and attacking him.

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Dale seemed to be fending the gruesome undead off, but, as his fellow campers heard his yelling and were on the run to save him, the zombie gave up trying to bite Dale and instead plunged its hands into Dale's torso, ripping him open and ensuring his death would be an excruciating one.

Walking Dead shocker--what happened to Dale?The death is all the more shocking for "Walking Dead" comics fans, as Dale survives his stay at Hershel's farm in Robert Kirkman's graphic novel series.

Meanwhile, with just two episodes of the show remaining in season two, Dale's death promises not to be the most shocking one of the season. A DVD ad on the AMC website last week inadvertently spoiled the upcoming death of one of the series' major characters.

Check out a video preview of "Better Angels," the penultimate season two episode of "The Walking Dead":


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