‘Walking Dead’ Star Lands New TV Gig After Brutal Death: Conan’s Stand-In (Video)

Another now-former AMC zombie apocalypse cast member joins as Andy Richter understudy


(Spoiler alert: Do not read this post if you’ve yet to watch the Season 7 premiere of “The Walking Dead,” on which Negan’s victim is finally revealed. Hopefully this warning explains why we used a photo of just Conan O’Brien up top.)

Steven Yeun’s “Walking Dead” character Glenn was brutally murdered by Negan on the Season 7 premiere of AMC’s hit zombie apocalypse drama. Well, technically, the barbed-wire-wrapped-baseball-bat did the dirty dead on the Season 6 finale, though we just found out the gruesome victim’s identity this past Sunday.

Now that the man is no longer on cable TV’s biggest series, what is Yeun to do? After all, he played Glenn for all seven years of the show. This could become a very trying, tricky and frustrating unemployment period for a lesser talent.

“Actually, I’m OK,” Yeun assured the studio and at-home audience Thursday on TBS’ “Conan.” “I got a new job already.”

Unfortunately, it’s not as high-profile as his last one: Yeun is Conan O’Brien’s new stand-in for rehearsals. Let’s just hope the crew doesn’t set up any lighting or framing based on height during those dry runs.

The late-night talker rolled a montage on cue of Yeun-as-Conan, which makes hosting look like a pretty easy gig. As one might expect, the clip includes lots of guitar-playing, some hair-poofing, and even a bit of crying. You know, all the things O’Brien is wont to do.

The big payoff is at the end, however, when another now-former cast member joins Yeun as his distracted Andy Richter. We certainly won’t ruin that one, but fans will appreciate the cameo.

Watch the video above.

“TWD” airs Sundays at 9/8c on AMC. “Conan” runs weeknights at 11 p.m. on TBS.