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‘Walking Dead': Negan’s Victim Says ‘It Was Fun to Lie to Everyone’

”But after a while, you just can’t lie anymore,“ cast member says on ”Talking Dead“ following Season 7 premiere

(Spoiler alert: Do not keep reading if you have not seen the Season 7 premiere of “The Walking Dead.”)

“The Walking Dead” turned in one of it’s most shocking episodes with the Season 7 premiere, but at least now the cast members no longer have to lie to fans about who was killed by Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan).

WARNING: Spoilers begin now.

Steven Yeun, who has played Glenn since Season 1, came on “Talking Dead” immediately following the episode in which his character was brutally murdered by Negan.

“It was fun to lie to people,” Yeun joked. “But after a while, you just can’t lie anymore. So I just stopped talking to people.”

But in a shocking twist, Glenn was not the only member of the group who died. Abraham (Michael Cudlitz) also got dispatched by Negan.

Cudlitz came out on stage and drew a cheer when he pulled out a hip flask and took a swig for Abraham. Host Chris Hardwick then asked Cudlitz if it was satisfying for his character’s last words to be, “Suck my nuts.”

“Come on, that’s always satisfying, right?” Cudlitz said to a big laugh. He then explained that he enjoyed the fact that Abraham was able to show the rest of the group that he died unafraid.

And then of course, came the man who killed both of them. Jeffrey Dean Morgan joined the cast on stage and said he was just as shocked as anybody when he saw two characters were to die.

“I’m a fan of Steven and Michael and I didn’t want to see them go either,” Morgan said. “They’re such an integral part of the show. So when I found out I felt the same way you all did.”

Morgan also said he views Negan as a good guy in order to portray the character, and Negan’s actions were therefore justified. “[Rick’s group] took out quite a few of my folks and if it wasn’t for Daryl, Glenn would still be alive,” he said.

The bit about Daryl drew a lot of boos from the crowd and some playful jabs from Norman Reedus.