TV Writer’s Open Letter to ‘The Walking Dead’: ‘Stop Boring Us to Death’

“Your story hasn’t moved all that much since the start of this season,” Troy L. Smith writes

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Gene Page/AMC

“The Walking Dead” fans’ frustrations with Season 7 took shape on Tuesday morning in the form of an open letter.

Troy L. Smith, an entertainment writer for, penned a piece outlining everything that has been irking him about the most recent installment of the AMC series.

“I forgave you when you killed Abraham and Glenn at the start of this season. It was a telegraphed move that was a bit overblown, but none the less necessary,” Smith began. “It’s everything you’ve done since then that’s left me feeling like a walker trapped in the mud.”

Smith is not alone in this sentiment, as the ratings for the series bear out. The season premiere brought in a strong 17 million viewers, but since then, the ratings have steadily declined week-to-week.

While this is not uncommon for any series, the ratings for last week’s episode were around 11 million viewers. The show has not seen ratings that low since Season 3.

“And what’s up with the plot direction,” Smith continued. “Your story hasn’t moved all that much since the start of this season. Your most recent episode was entirely focused on Tara…Tara!? What kind of show dedicates an entire episode to a supporting character?”

“Still, rest assured I haven’t given up hope,” he concluded. “I believe in the Ricktatorship and all that it’s capable of. So for the love of walkers everywhere, stop the madness and give the fans what they want before there are less than 10 million of us to even care anymore.”