‘The Walking Dead': Sex and Drugs and Barn Zombies — and a Preview (Video)

Andrea and Shane get frisky, while Lori makes a decision about her pregnancy and Rick drops the biggest secret of all

Last Updated: September 13, 2012 @ 3:15 PM

Remember just a few episodes ago, when viewers were complaining that nothing was happening on "The Walking Dead"? 

So, how about last night's episode?

To summarize: Andrea shot up a neighborhood full of walkers, then had sex with Shane in his car; Glenn saved Maggie from a walker at the pharmacy; Lori swallowed a handful of morning-after pills; and Glenn told Dale about Lori's pregnancy and the barn full of zombies…

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And: Dale confronted Hershel about the barn zombies, Lori found out Hershel wants the gang to leave the farm ASAP, Maggie told Glenn the barn zombies are her family members, Dale confronted Shane about his suspicions about how Otis died, Shane threatened Dale, Lori regurgitated the morning after pills and told Rick about her pregnancy …

And then, in one of the biggest bombshells of season two, Rick and Lori argued about whether or not she should have the baby — you know, since they're trying to survive a zombie apocalypse and all — when Rick revealed he knows Lori hooked up with Shane when she thought Rick was dead.

Actually, the even bigger surprise: Rick seemed okay with the fact that his wife and best friend had an affair. "The world went to shit, and you thought I was dead, right?" he said.

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As director Kevin Smith, a guest on the "Talking Dead" aftershow pointed out, last night's episode, "Secrets," was penned by a female writer.

"I was like, there's no way, there's no way on earth some chick's like, 'I cheated on you with your best friend,' and he's just like, 'It's alright, it's a zombie apocalypse," Smith joked on "Talking Dead."

Indeed, expect that particular secret to factor into upcoming storylines, like in next week's episode (the last new episode of "The Walking Dead" until February), when Shane and Rick butt heads over what to do about Hershel's barn-dwelling zombie fam. Check out a preview of "Pretty Much Dead Already":


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