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‘Walking Dead’ Star Andrew Lincoln Reveals What Steven Yeun Told Him About Glenn’s Fate

”We know each other very, very well,“ actor tells TheWrap of relationship with co-star

(Spoiler alert: Do not keep reading if you have not seen this week’s episode of “The Walking Dead”)

Andrew Lincoln, who plays Rick Grimes on AMC’s “The Walking Dead,” said that he was all too aware of fan reaction to the possibility that Glenn (Steven Yeun) had been killed off on the show.

“I remember waking up the following morning after Episode 3 and going to my local coffee shop,” Lincoln told TheWrap. “I ordered a coffee and they refused to sell it to me because they said, ‘You killed Glenn.'”

And even though he knew the storyline’s conclusion ahead of time, Lincoln said he was still nervous after finishing the script for episode three.

“Steven even said, ‘It’s a fakeout.’ But then I read the script and in the script it was, verbatim, Glenn gets torn apart by zombies,” he said. “And I called him up and said, ‘Are you sure this is a fake out? Because it looks like you’re dying, man.'”

Lincoln and Yeun go all the way back to episode one of the hit zombie apocalypse drama, making them a part of a small group on set that Lincoln said is referred to as the OGs, or original gangsters.

“I love that they are regenerating the cast and bringing in these wonderful actors to join us, but there is something to be said about six years of time with members of the cast,” Lincoln said “It gives history. We know each other very, very well.”

“The prospect of him leaving this season was awful,” he continued. “It’s not just losing a friend or someone you like playing opposite as an actor. It changes my enthusiasm for coming back to work…Steven’s one of the true leaders on set. He’s the true hero of the story at the moment.”

“In short, I love the guy and I’m very glad he isn’t dead,” Lincoln concluded with a laugh.