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Jensen Ackles , Jeffrey Dean Morgan Tweet Up a Creepy ‘Walking Dead’-‘Supernatural’ Crossover (Photo)

”Hey @JDMorgan I found this in the trunk,“ CW actor captions photo of barb-wired bat

Jensen Ackles gave two large, passionate fanbases a jolt when he posted a photo of himself on the “Supernatural” set with a barb-wired bat that should be very familiar to “The Walking Dead” fans.

“Hey @JDMorgan I found this in the trunk…can I try it out?,” he captioned the photo. “Don’t miss tonight’s episode. It’s a knockout!”

Ackles was addressing Jeffrey Dean Morgan, who plays both “Walking Dead” villain Negan and “Supernatural” flashback-dad, John Winchester.

“J. You weren’t supposed to find that,” Morgan replied. “Gonna need her back son. I mean … I already gave you my car. And? I don’t know? Sorta, died for you.”

The barb-wired bat is the weapon Negan named Lucille and used to kill fan-favorite character Glenn (Steven Yuen) on “The Walking Dead” Season 7 premiere Sunday.

It’s unclear if Ackles is holding the actual Lucille, but since both the zombie drama and “Supernatural” shoot in Atlanta, Georgia, it’s probable the actors could cross paths with each other’s sets on a regular basis.

Ackles’ timely joke may have hit a little too close to home for some fans.

“I DONT WANNA CRY AGAIN STOP IT,” one distraught follower replied.

“Supernatural” airs Thursdays at 9 p.m. ET on The CW.