‘Walking Dead’ Star Tom Payne Teases Possible Love Interest (Video)

“I think everyone will be much happier than they were last season,” “Jesus” actor says of “All Out War”

We learned last season on “The Walking Dead” that Tom Payne’s “Jesus” is gay, and in a conversation with TheWrap’s Stuart Brazell, he suggested more of Jesus’ personal life could come to light in Season 8.

“Yeah, absolutely there could be a love interest that turns up, but I think certainly at the beginning of the season that’s not foremost in his mind, or anyone else’s mind,” Payne said. “There’s more important things on the table.”

Payne said that he’s always appreciated the way relationships on “The Walking Dead” happen “organically” and those storylines “never detract from the main storyline.”

Payne also talked about big payoffs for fans who made it through Season 7, which saw some beloved character deaths. Note to fans: you can expect to be “happier” with Season 8’s storyline.

“I think it’s what everyone was waiting the whole of last year to see,” Payne said. “I think everyone will be much happier than they were last season. Last season was a bit of a bummer because you saw the group so ground down, and Negan was winning for most of the season. And any time the group thought they’d get the upper hand, he came back and, unfortunately, ground them down again.”

“But this season, everyone’s banding together to take the fight back to Negan,” he said. “I think people will be happier.”

But… this is “All Out War,” after all, so not everyone necessarily comes out unscathed. “People die on ‘The Walking Dead’ all the time,” Payne said.

Watch the full interview above.