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‘Walking Dead': Who Helped Daryl Escape the Sanctuary?

Whoever did is going to play a big role in the second half of Season 7

(Spoiler Alert: Do not keep reading if you are not caught up on Season 7 of “The Walking Dead”)

“The Walking Dead” fans rejoiced this week after Daryl finally escaped his captivity at the hands of the Saviors, but he didn’t do so without help.

In last week’s episode, someone slipped a note under the door of Daryl’s cell that said “Go now,” and attached a match and a key for good measure. So the question remains, who helped Daryl escape?

Well, it just so happens that the key he was given belonged to his own motorcycle, the one Dwight took for his own when the Saviors pillaged their way through Alexandria.

Chances are that means Dwight is the one who let Daryl out. It makes sense, as we have seen brief flashes of Dwight’s hatred of Negan and his desire to overthrow the bat-wielding leader of the Saviors. But there is another option: Sherry, who is Dwight’s ex, and Negan’s current wife.

Sherry clearly enjoys being part of Negan’s harem about as much as Glenn enjoyed taking Lucille to the head (too soon?), and since she knows Dwight she would most likely be able to snatch the key from him covertly.

Another clue it was Sherry: the match. We have seen Sherry smoking cigarettes, meaning she would have access to a lighter or matches. Why should we only give Daryl one, we don’t know.

Of course, there is also the outside possibility that Dwight and Sherry are working together. After Sherry all but chastised Dwight for standing idly by while Negan singed another Savior’s face with a hot iron, perhaps the former husband and wife finally realized they could work together to take Negan down.

“The Walking Dead” returns on Feb. 12 on AMC.