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‘The Walking Dead’s’ David Morrissey: ‘This Show has Ruined ‘Mad Men’ for Me’ (Video)

The man who plays The Governor also takes a good-natured shot at ”Star Trek“ in his ”Conan“ segment Monday

It sounds like acting on “The Walking Dead” really sucks sometimes — except for “The Governor,” David Morrissey.

The show films in the heat and humidity of Georgia, which is bad enough for actors and crew, Morrissey told Conan O’Brien Monday.

But then add the hours and layers of makeup and prosthetics, and it’s not even the best show to be cast in on its own network.

“This show has ruined ‘Mad Men’ for me. I used to love watching ‘Mad Men,'” Morrissey told Conan. “But now I watch it and I think: ‘There you are in your air-conditioned studios and your nice suit, drinking — how can you pick your check up at the end of the week?'”

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Fortunately, Morrissey is no zombie. And if he has his way, he would never be one, he told the TBS host. That’s simply too much of a Plaster of Paris commitment. But there is a definite excitement and level of realness (as much “realness” as a show about the zombie apocalypse can have) to the unpredictable nature of the show, he added.

“I like the fact that it’s a show that kills off its actors,” Morrissey said. “It’s not like a ‘Star Trek’ show where you’ve got four guys beaming down and there’s guy you’ve never seen before and you think, ‘He’s not making it back to the Enterprise.'”

Watch the clip: