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Wall Street Journal Criticized for Publishing Romney Adviser Op-Ed Pieces Without Disclosing Ties

Watchdog group Media Matters said the Wall Street Journal published op-ed pieces by nine Romney advisers without mentioning their ties to the GOP candidate

The Wall Street Journal published 20 op-eds from nine advisers to Mitt Romney's campaign without disclosing their ties to the Republican presidential candidate, the liberal watchdog group Media Matters reported Wednesday.

The op-ed pieces attacked President Barack Obama and bolstered Romney's talking points on a range of campaign issues.

"In several instances, the Journal failed to disclose an op-ed writer's connection despite its own news section reporting that the writer is advising Romney," Media Matter's Eric Hananoki wrote in the report.

In other cases, the disclosures were spotty.

One writer was identified as a campaign adviser in his initial op-ed piece, but not in subsequent ones. Another writer was not identified in his inaugural op-ed, but was later named as an adviser on the op-ed page.

Previously, the watchdog group — which has drawn criticism in the past for paying out six-figure executive salaries and collecting money for its own political operations fund — published a report criticizing the WSJ for not disclosing columnist and political operative Karl Rove's ties to the super PAC American Crossroads and its sister organization Crossroads GPS. 

The Wall Street Journal and its editorial page editor Paul Gigot did not immediately respond to calls and emails from TheWrap for comment.