Walter White Makes Creepy, Drug-Pushing TV Return in Esurance Super Bowl Spot (Video)

Say his name. (It’s definitely not “Greg”)

Walter White Esurance

Walter White is still in the drug game — he’s just legitimizing his business a bit from behind the pharmacy counter. That said, The AMC antihero has got a a lot to learn about the whole customer service part of the gig.

Sunday’s Super Bowl XLIX Esurance commercial brought the Bryan Cranston character back to life, portraying someone who is not Greg, but sorta Greg. If you’re one of the tiny handful of people in America who didn’t watch the big game, you’ll understand the reference after viewing the video, which is posted below.

In the extended ad, Cranston’s “Breaking Bad” character proves the All-State-backed company’s point that insurance should be tailored to an individual, not a general demographic. And yes, he accomplished this feat without any blue meth, guns, or even Jesse Pinkman (Aaron Paul).

Pharmacy customers may ring the counter bell, but Heisenberg is still the one who knocks.

“Esurance is very excited to be in-game for the first time this year and share our new ad campaign with the millions of viewers who tuned in,” Chief Marketing Officer Alan Gellman said earlier in a Sunday statement. “We want everyone to know that we’re here to help make sure you get insurance that’s right for you, not someone ‘sorta’ like you, with the help of our innovative technology and services, such as CoverageMyWay and friendly insurance experts over the phone.”

“The Office” star John Krasinski is the voice of Esurance.

Watch the video: