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Jimmy Fallon and Elizabeth Olsen’s Decade-Hopping ‘WandaVision’ Interview Is Sabotaged by Kathryn Hahn (Video)

Yes, it was Agatha all along — again

Elizabeth Olsen can’t even do an interview about “WandaVision” without Kathryn Hahn screwing with her.

On Wednesday’s episode of “The Tonight Show,” Olsen joined host Jimmy Fallon virtually for a very meta “FallonVision” sketch in which the two hopped through the decades, doing interviews in different time periods, completely with era-specific hair and clothing.

At first, Olsen is playing along but then slowly starts to realize what’s happening to her and Fallon — and thinks it’s Jimmy’s fault. The actress asks Fallon why he’s doing this, assuming it’s because he can’t cope with the fact his show has had to go remote due to the pandemic, and he’s trying to make things go back to the way they were.

“Jimmy, you have to stop. I know the present is scary and we all want COVID to be over, but you can’t just run from your problems,” Olsen tells Fallon once they reach what appears to be the ’90s. “Jimmy, snap out of it. OK, this isn’t reality. I know you’re trying to cope, I know that. But you can’t keep controlling all of this.”

“I’m not controlling all of–,” Jimmy says, before Elizabeth interrupts him to say it’s “OK” and asks him to “let go.”

That’s when our interviewer and interviewee come into the present day for their “WandaVision” Zoom interview — and things start to go on the fritz again.

“But if it wasn’t you, then who was it?” Olsen asks.

Then Agatha Harkness — er, Kathryn Hahn pops up to antagonize her “WandaVision” co-star. “Oh, poor Elizabeth.”

Fallon is SHOCKED over the Zoom bomb.

“What can I say? TV just isn’t what it used to be,” Hahn says with a wink before this oddly familiar ditty plays: “Who’s been messing up everything? It’s been Kathryn Hahn all along.”

Watch the full “Tonight Show” sketch via the video above.

The “WandaVision” finale launches Friday on Disney+.