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Warner Bros. Removes ‘Arthur’ From Calendar; ‘Giant Killer’ Bumped to 2013

Also, ”Rock of Ages“ is being delayed two weeks

Warner Bros. has joust — er, just — taken "Arthur & Lancelot" off its calendar, TheWrap has confirmed. But that's not the studio's only stalled project: "Jack the Giant Killer 3D" has bumped to 2013.

The "Arthur & Lancelot" project, starring Kit Harington and Joel Kinnaman, is the latest big-budget movie to be put on pause over budget concerns. Previously set for release in March 2013, its projected production cost has risen as high as $130 million.

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Bryan Singer's "Jack the Giant Killer 3D," on the other hand, is being delayed for competitive reasons — even though a trailer for the movie has already been released. Previously due June 15 — the same day — it is now due March 22, 2013. Paramount's "Madagascar 3" is coming out the week before; Disney's "Brave" is due a week later.

Warner Bros. is also shifting its "Rock of Ages" film with New Line — but to a more minor degree. The movie based on the Broadway musical is now due June 15 instead of June 1.