Warner Brothers: ‘Two and a Half Men’ Secondary; Let’s Get Charlie Healthy

Shooting on the show next week may have to be postponed if Sheen has surgery on Friday

Last Updated: November 6, 2013 @ 3:44 PM

A senior Warner Brothers executive said that the television production studio and the CBS network are both focused on getting actor Charlie Sheen healthy, and that shooting next week on “Two and a Half Men” may have to be postponed as a result.

The executive spoke on the heels of news that Sheen has ended up in the hospital after another cocaine-and-hooker-fueled bender while “Two and a Half Men” was on hiatus this week.

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An insider in the Sheen camp said the actor may undergo surgery on Friday for a hernia. If so, the Warner Brothers executive said, it’s unclear if Sheen will be in shape to return to the scheduled shoot of the show on Tuesday.

But the executive said that didn’t matter.

“The show is secondary,” he said. “What’s important is Charlie Sheen getting healthy.”

“Many people are trying to get him help — his parents, his friends, us, CBS,” said the executive. “All we’re focused on today and since Christmas is Charlie’s health.

“We care about this guy. What’s going to trigger him going to get help? And how do you hit rock bottom? Did he hit rock bottom today? What is it going to take to get him healthy?”

The executive, who declined to be identified, said that both he and others at the company have implored Sheen to get help, and that the actor has consistently denied that he needs any.

Sheen’s father, Martin, and his brother Emilio Estevez have also tried to get Sheen into rehab, he said.

“We as a studio will do what it takes to work around his schedule because his health is the most important thing,” said the executive.

“The next time he is due at work is on Tuesday. All that is up in the air if Charlie is having surgery on Friday. It’s reasonable to expect he may not be recovered by Tuesday.”