WarnerMedia Entertainment Communications Executive Kevin Brockman to Exit Amid Restructure

Brockman joined the company last year

kevin brockman

After a little more than a year, Kevin Brockman is leaving WarnerMedia amid the massive, company-wide restructuring under CEO Jason Kilar.

Brockman came over to WarnerMedia last May as executive vice president, global communications, WarnerMedia Entertainment and Direct-to-Consumer. He will remain involved with the company through the end-of-the-year to aid in the transition.

“I joined WarnerMedia to work with Bob Greenblatt and to take on the challenges he presented to me at the start,” Brockman said. “I’m incredibly proud of the work we accomplished in such a short time, and especially with the premiere of HBO Max, which was a personal highlight. Having had the good fortune over the years to help launch a broadcast network, cable channels and a streaming service, I feel I’ve covered the trifecta in our industry. I truly appreciate the effort that Christy put into trying to craft a new position for me at WarnerMedia, but this just felt like the right decision at this point in my career.”

Last month, WarnerMedia underwent a major overhaul that saw the departures of Greenblatt, Kevin Reilly and other top communications executive, Keith Cocozza.

Before WarnerMedia, Brockman was with Disney-ABC Television, but left after the close of Disney’s $71.3 billion acquisition of 21st Century Fox assets.

“Personally, Kevin is a great friend. Professionally, he’s one of the best Communication strategists around. The work he and his team did launching HBOMax after having to pivot in the middle of a pandemic was creative, innovative and impressive,” added Christy Haubegger, WarnerMedia executive vice president, corporate communications and Chief Enterprise Inclusion Officer. “We were lucky to have him here during that time; and as much as I would love to have him stay, I understand his decision to want to move on. I’m thrilled that he’ll hang around for a while to help with this transition, and know that whatever he does going forward, he’ll bring the same level of clarity, strategy and focus that has marked his entire career.”


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