Watch 7 A-List Stars Who Got Their Start on ‘Baywatch’ (Videos)

Michelle Williams, Mila Kunis, Jason Momoa and more in their younger beach days


Before she was nominated for an Oscar — four times — Michelle Williams made her screen debut on “Baywatch,” where she appeared twice as two different characters.

Jason Momoa got plenty of training for “Aquaman” when he joined the cast of “Baywatch” after it moved locations and became “Baywatch Hawaii” in later seasons.

She solves crimes on “Law & Order: SVU” now, but Mariska Hargitay was the one who needed saving when she made an appearance on a Season 1 episode of “Baywatch.”

Add Mila Kunis to the list of A-listers whose child acting days included a stint on “Baywatch.” Like Michelle Williams, Kunis also appeared on more than one episode and played multiple characters.

Shiri Appleby also has a long acting resume that saw her stop by “Baywatch” in her younger days, playing Hobie’s girlfriend.

Of course, Bryan Cranston was on “Baywatch.” Let’s just assume Bryan Cranston is in everything.

On “Baywatch,” Sofia Vergara played a Bally Total Fitness spokesperson, which is to say, she played herself, as a rising star and host of various shows in Latin America.