Watch Bane Belt Out a Fly Freestyle Rap During ‘Dark Knight Rises’ Parody (Video)

YouTube video features the big-screen bad guy spitting his illest rhymes before announcing his plans to destroy Gotham

Much of Bane's backstory was a mystery in "The Dark Knight Rises," but a recent YouTube video gives fans of the film some new insight into his character.

It turns out the big-screen baddie enjoys freestylin' to hip-hop beats almost as much as breaking Batman's bones.

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Utilizing footage from the Gotham football stadium sequence and a flawless impersonation of Tom Hardy's muffled voice, someone crafted an alternate (and hilarious) scene to rival every other "Dark Knight" parody ever uploaded to the internet.

Before announcing his plans to destroy the fictional city, Bane breaks the neck of "the one man to have defeated" him in freestyle and then challenges any other citizen to do the same.

"DJ, drop a beat," he demands before launching into the best rap ever performed by a super villain.