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Barbra Streisand Outshines James Corden in ‘Carpool Karaoke’ Duet of ‘Memories’ (Video)

Absolutely nothing to be ashamed of, dude

Barbra Streisand joined James Corden for his latest “Carpool Karaoke” installment, when the two sang songs off her new Trump-inspired album, “Walls.”

Yes, they managed to sneak in a few classics.

Perfectly, Barbra drove. Perhaps not perfectly, the “Funny Girl” star admitted to recently failing the DMV’s written exam test three times. It’s OK, they only almost got into like one accident on the commute to Corden’s CBS studio — at least, that’s what the final edit showed.

One of the must-do ditties was, of course, “Memories.” We hate to say it, but Streisand outdid Corden on that one.

Absolutely nothing to be ashamed of there.

Along the way, Streisand told her passenger that she did not perform live for 27 years because of stage fright. She said she still doesn’t really enjoy it. We suppose the 85 GoPro cameras hooked up in her white Range Rover SUV are a different story.

Streisand was a good sport for some ribbing while navigating Los Angeles traffic.

While claiming not to be a diva, Corden reminded her that she called Apple CEO Tim Cook directly to get Siri to pronounce her name correctly. That prompted Streisand to tell the “Late Late Show” host about the time she rang up Steve Jobs for some Mac computer help. As fittingly as Babs taking the wheel here, she says Jobs blamed her issue on Microsoft software.

Watch the video above.