Watch Bernie Sanders’ Live-Stream Address to Supporters (Video)

His campaign says he’s not planning on dropping out of the race… but you never know

Bernie Sanders is not planning to  suspend his campaign or endorse Hillary Clinton in a video speech to supporters on Thursday, according to his campaign. But hey, you never know.

Sanders is expected to focus on ways to pursue his policy agenda and reform goals.

Speculations that Sanders might formally pull the plug on his bid have reached fever pitch ever since Clinton clinched the nomination. But Sanders’ spokesman Michael Briggs said on Wednesday the speech will focus on how Sanders’ supporters can keep the fight alive.

But just in case he changes his mind (or announces he’ll stay in the race even after the November general election) you can listen to his address in the video above.

The speech will begin at 5:30 p.m. PT. on Thursday.

Watch the live stream above.