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‘Breaking Bad’ Credits, ‘Mad Men’ Style (Video)

A falling Walter White, Los Pollos Hermanos and "Better Call Saul" are featured in the "Man Men"-ing of the "Breaking Bad" opening credits

"Mad Men" is the most stylish AMC drama, while "Breaking Bad" goes for grit: the latter drama's opening sequence, with typical directness, consists of a periodic table, a little music, some smoke, the show title and a credit for creator Vince Gilligan. 

So what happens when you cross the "Breaking Bad" opening with the slick, bouncy beginning of "Mad Men"? Los Angeles editor and producer Ben Stoddard decided to find out. His "Mad Men"-ization of the "Breaking Bad" intro finds the porkpie-hatted Walter White (Bryan Cranston) falling past the Los Pollos Hermanos logo and a "Better Call Saul" ad.

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Oh: And there's a lot more blood than in the "Mad Men" intro.

The fifth and final season of "Breaking Bad" is currently in production and is scheduled to premiere this summer.

Watch the video:

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