Watch BuzzFeed Vet Brittany Ashley in ‘Pokemon Go to Your Ex’s House’ (Video)

Ashley hasn’t let being fired stop her from making people laugh

Last Updated: August 10, 2016 @ 10:03 PM

Just two months after being let go from BuzzFeed Video for appearing in a web series produced by America Ferrera, BuzzFeed alum Brittany Ashley is now starring in a Funny or Die video with a fresh take on the “Pokemon Go” craze.

Written by Taylor Cox and Ashley, “Pokemon Go to Your Ex’s House” follows Ashley’s character playing the game as she is led directly to the apartment of her disgruntled ex-girlfriend (played by Lindsay Hicks, who was featured in BuzzFeed Violet’s “You Do You” series).

“You can’t keep coming over like this — we’re not together anymore,” the ex-girlfriend says, as Ashley’s character attempts to explain that she’s only there so she can get a PokeGym.

But as the ex attempts to kick Ashley out the door, she quickly turns around to find a Pikachu — or more specifically, a man in a Pikachu suit — inside the apartment playing the new lover.

Pokemon innuendos abound as the two argue over this latest catch.

“I mean a Jolteon or Machamp, sure I could have seen because they’re a little bit hot, but really, Pikachu?” Ashley says, as the ex denies his existence.

“Bet you haven’t made her Squirtle — I have,” Ashley retorts to the Pikachu-man as she leaves the apartment.

Watch the video above.